Each placenta’s hormonal and mineral make up is completely unique to a mum and cannot compare with any supplement or pill.

Placenta Encapsulation

There are two methods for preparing the placenta for encapsulation, Raw capsules or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) capsules. There are benefits to both, and women may choose either depending on their needs and beliefs.

RAW Placenta Encapsulation, the method of preparation involves cleaning the placenta and then dehydrating the placenta before it is ground and put into capsules. Placenta capsules made with this method provide a burst of energy up front and great hormone stabilisation. This method retains more nutrients. It is however not suited for all placenta’s eg when the mother had an infection during birth.

TCM Placenta Encapsulation is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. This method of preparation involves cleaning the placenta, gently steaming and then dehydrating the placenta. The steaming process can be done by adding lime, chilli and ginger to the water. (Never in contact directly with placenta). Then the placenta is dehydrated, ground into a powder and put into the capsules.

The number of capsules ranges from 100 – 200 capsules, it all depends on the size of your placenta. The amount of capsules you get from the TCM method are usually less than the RAW method.


Placenta Smoothie

Raw placenta fruit smoothie made within hours after birth using organic fruits and berries.

Raw placenta is packed with stem cells and growth factors which has been shown to reduce post-natal bleeding, replenish hormones and iron, boost energy levels and bring on a mothers milk supply. Tastes just like smoothie!

The smoothie is made of 3-4 pieces of fresh placenta (the rest can be prepared into capsules or other remedies), a handful of fresh organic berries of choice, 1 whole banana and water. Simple and delicious…you really can’t taste the placenta!

Placenta Tinture

Placenta tincture is a powerful, potent remedy that helps with emotional and physical healing, and hormone balancing.

A small piece of placenta will be steeped in a strong alcohol solution for 6 weeks then prepared into a tincture that can be used for emotional healing and hormonal balance postnatally, during PMS and menopause.

Dosage: Suggested dosage is 10-40 drops in water two to three times a day during times of need.  It is not a remedy suited to ongoing daily use.

Placenta Essence

Essence can stimulate the vital force and can be used during times of transition, illness, stress, emotional upheaval, hormonal imbalance and even Menopause.

A small piece of placenta will be steeped in distilled water, in daylight for 4-6 hrs it is then strained and an alcohol solution is added to create an immune boosting remedy that will last you a lifetime.

Suggested dosage is 1-4 drops in water. Store in a cool dry place, placenta essence should last indefinitely if stored correctly.

The most important nutrients found in rich supply in the placenta
Stem Cells and Growth Factors.
Iron – essential for oxygen absorption in the cells.
Vitamins B6 – aids in the making of antibodies.
Vitamin E – for healing damaged skin cells.
Oxytocin hormone – essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding.
Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) – responsible for reducing stress levels.
Cytokines – Fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and replacing damaged cells and tissue.
Placenta remedies have been reported by mums to:
reduce post­birth bleeding quickly
encourage a quick and healthy milk supply
balance hormonal peaks and drops
reduce stress levels
prevent the baby blues and postnatal depression
boost energy to cope with a busy day after little sleep
improve the appearance of skin/hair/nails
Newborn baby and his father's hand - care and safety concept

Homoeopathic Testing

Our experienced homeopath will produce a placenta remedy unique to your baby’s constitution. Placental remedy is known to help with colic, teething and separation anxiety & can help new mothers with depression and emotional upset.  Your specimen is kept on file so that you can reorder this time and time again.

30c (for mum) and 7c (for baby) – you will receive two remedies. One for mother and one for baby. Homeopathic remedies can be easily re-ordered.

Cord Keepsake

Umbilical cord keepsakes are available (where possible) with your capsules.

what mum's miracle customers are saying

  • Hi Danielle,

    I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided in encapsulating my placenta. Firstly the process was so easy and your service so efficient. My placenta was collected from the Coombe on Wednesday evening and I had my smoothie on Thursday morning (it tasted great by the way!) and the pills two days after.

    It is 6 weeks since the birth and my recovery has been excellent. My mood and energy levels have been great and I didn't experience any of the 'weepy' days I have heard about. Surprising considering the lack of sleep with a newborn!

    Breastfeeding is going really well. I am exclusively breastfeeding and have a great supply. We've just come from our 6 week check up and my GP commented on how well my little one has gained weight for a breastfed baby 🙂

    I have to say I would definitely recommend placenta encapsulation and the service provided by Mum's Miracle.

    Thanks again,

    Helen Mum of 1
  • Hi, to all you mums out there who are thinking of Placenta Encapsulation. I chose Mum's Miracle and the service was brilliant, the process was so easy!

    I'm a 1st time mum to a beautiful baby girl, Olivia, and I want to review of my experience taking the tablets. I was dying to do it after hearing such great things. There are mental health issues in my family and I really worried about post natal depression.

    I had 2 smoothies and the tablets. My 1st day home from the hospital was the only day I cried, We were moving back into my mothers house, as our new house wasn't ready and I found this a bit overwhelming, but it has been the only day I have cried!

    My bleeding stopped after 2 weeks. I've had lots of energy, overall I have been in really good form and feeling very positive. My baby is 5 weeks now and I am trying to spare my pills to 1 a day as I wish they would last forever!!

    I hope this is positive information for you mums out there thinking of Placenta Encapsulation, good luck & enjoy.

    Caroline New Mum